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    Success Stories

    IDEX Fire and Safety

    Real-time telemetry data from streaming directly from emergency vehicles and software updates securedly pushed to vehicles from the cloud.

    Technologies Used: Azure, Cosmos DB, IoT Hub

    IDEX Fire and Safety Illustration


    ExakTime engineers continue to aggressively move more of the business toward the cloud. The company saw a surge of new customers with the availability of its new cloud offering, and with the help of Capax Global, many existing customers have already been migrated to Azure. The remaining customers are slated to migrate to the cloud on an expedited timeframe. Once 100% of customers on Azure, the company can continue to innovate taking advantage of all the cloud has to offer.

    Solution Areas: Modern Solutions

    Technologies Used: SQL Azure Elastic Pools, Redis Cache, SendGrid via Azure, Blob Storage

    ExakTime Illustration

    Vitamin World

    We created a sophisticated retail data model for Azure Data Warehouse to support daily Vitamin World operational and self-service ad-hoc reports. Providing connectivity to a number of older source systems was accomplished through innovative use of Microsoft’s Polybase technology.

    Technologies Used: Azure Data Warehouse, Azure Data Factory, Polybase, Power BI

    Vitamin World Illustration


    accounts we have worked with


    Microsoft partner delivering data platform migrations in 2017


    industry specific solution architectures built

    Industries We Serve

    Engineering and High Tech

    Solving the complex technical problems engineering and high tech organizations face with forward thinking solutions that match the high demands of these industries.

    Financial Services

    Utilizing the power of Microsoft’s affordable, easy-to-use BI solutions to address business challenges at top financial institutions, hedge funds and multi-national insurance companies.


    Aligning data management and BI enterprise reporting to provide answers to critical questions that help caregivers and healthcare networks provide the best support to their patients.


    Leveraging Machine Learning and IoT to create predictive models that pull information from current product data and capture insights from sensors in the field to drive business growth.

    Professional Services

    Tapping into our deep understanding of the tax and audit space, we design systems for PS firms that address some of the most complex problems of data access and reporting.


    Empowering and growing retail businesses through Cloud and data management solutions that provide answers from product and customer data that you didn’t know to ask.