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    Modern Solutions

    User-Centered Design

    In today’s fast-paced digital ecosystem, companies are facing scaling challenges to ship better products, faster, while maintaining a cohesive user experience. Capax Global can help you leverage the power of design systems to differentiate yourself from the competition.

    The Value
    • Generate brand awareness and consistency
    • Improve cross-team communication
    • Prevent design from becoming a development blocker
    The Proof
    • First impressions are 94 percent design-related
    • Reduced development and design cost over time
    • Improved credibility by increasing user satisfaction and brand trust
    The Solution

    Our user-centric design system engineering will set your company up for long-term success and minimize design churn. Create brand consistency internally and for your end users.

    Developer Experience

    Modern application development is complex and budgets are limited. Tools and process can help, but adopting them can be an uncertain proposition.

    The Value
    • Predictable Delivery
    • High Quality
    • Respond to Change
    The Proof
    • Current State Assessment
    • Defined Test Plans
    • Automated Builds and Tests
    • Iterative Project Plans
    The Solution

    Capax Global will create an assessment of your current state, an implementation plan, and mentor your staff in adopting the plan.

    Modern App Dev

    Your business is unique, your applications should be too. Capax Global provides high quality solutions with predictable delivery. We do this with clear process, standards, and an unrivaled commitment to quality.

    The Value
    • High quality
    • Predictable delivery
    • Responsive to change
    • Phased delivery to see results early and often
    The Proof
    • 20 years of satisfied customers
    • Highly experienced team members
    • Comprehensive testing
    • Clear standards and approaches
    The Solution

    We provide custom development services to cover the entire application life cycle from requirements, through delivery. Whether a small, on premises departmental application or a cloud based, mission critical system, we have the experience and expertise needed to build it.

    Quality Assurance (QA)

    Our testing team works in integration with development teams. We have tested a number of products and applications on various platforms. Specifically, we specialize in testing Microsoft Azure cloud-based applications. Our expertise in cloud testing and carefully devised testing methodologies ensure careful execution of quality checks.

    The Value
    • Testing roadmaps tailored to the project
    • Power to adapt to your internal processes
    • Enabling testing center of excellence
    The Proof
    • Accelerated time to market
    • Find and fix problems early
    • Our on-site qualified test engineers seamlessly leverage internal QA teams to speed up testing
    The Solution

    Our expertise in cloud testing allows us to locate problems in a very efficient manner and our carefully devised methodologies ensure thorough execution of quality checks.