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    Data + Analytics

    Big Data

    Capax Global helps customers ramp up their Big Data projects quickly. Using Azure and bundled solutions from Microsoft, Cloudera, and Hortonworks, we can have you implementing business solutions in just a few days.

    The Value
    • Better analytics
    • Valuable business insights
    • Faster time-to-market
    The Proof
    • Provide actionable business insights in minutes
    The Solution

    We'll show you how to get your idea implemented by standing up a Big Data solution and teaching your staff how to use it — quickly.

    Internet of Things (IoT)

    We easily and securely allow the integration of collected IoT data with existing enterprise data. We then rationalize the massive amounts of data and an organization's downstream applications so decision-makers can understand how their business works at a deeper level than ever before.

    The Value
    • Offers secure integration with existing applications
    • Provides actionable insights
    The Proof
    • Delivers KPIs and other appropriate metrics to the right users immediately
    • As the business evolves, new data sources can be added in real time
    The Solution

    We will aggregate and map the ingestion data to a centralized system and make the information available through a secure integration layer for downstream use.

    Modern Data Warehouse

    In today's data-driven world businesses require a scalable data warehouse solution. One that can adapt to your needs by pausing when not in use, handling data growth across all types of data, secure your data, and produce predictive analytics.

    The Value
    • Modular and flexible
    • Seamless system integration
    • Enhanced security features
    • Fast and reliable
    The Proof
    • Process any data at any scale
    • Multiple nodes with dedicated CPU, memory, and storage
    • Handle query complexity and concurrency at scale
    The Solution

    Rely on dynamic scaling and a robust MPP architecture to process and serve data from 1TB to almost limitless scale while having direct interoperability with the Azure Ecosystem. Use what you need when you need it, paying only for the capacity required.

    Data Migrations

    Time’s up; it’s time to clean house. Those legacy platforms that sit in the corner quietly burning up your budget and doing nothing much useful have got to go. No one will thank you for this more than the business— they know it’s time to get the new stuff.

    The Value
    • Elimination of obsolescence
    • Alignment with industry standards, best practices
    The Proof
    • In-memory data speeds
    • Cloud economies of scale
    • Migration success patterns
    • Industry adoption trends
    The Solution

    New low-cost platform foundation for the high-performance, powerful analytics your business needs to stay competitive.

    Data Science + Machine Learning (ML)

    Data science initiatives can deliver significant value to enterprises when the right opportunities are identified, the culture uses data to make decisions, and new talents and technology are explored.

    The Value
    • Improve client's experience with better insights and predictions
    • Increase revenue through better segmentation of products and clients
    The Proof
    • 93 percent reduction in data acquisition time
    • 14 percent improved sales forecasting
    The Solution

    Capax Global provides a path for your Data Science ambitions while taking the mystery out of how it is accomplished.

    Business Intelligence (BI)

    Data projects can take months to complete with the majority of time spent on data movement and not enough time on data insights. It is time to stop spending all of your time on rear-view reporting and start seeing the data you really want to see.

    The Value
    • Give users access to a data sandbox so they can experiment with their data
    • Implement just enough data governance
    The Proof
    • Absorb raw data quickly so your analysts can use it right away
    • Get new data sources to users quickly
    • Self-service capabilities
    • Confidence in your system
    The Solution

    Our solution allows you to focus your time where it matters — on data insights. We have the tooling and methodology to process raw data quickly and get it into the hands of business analysts faster.