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    Built on the premise that professional, experienced senior technologists will deliver higher quality results, faster and with less risk, than our competitors.

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    Our Mission

    Create an environment that fosters talent and innovation. Enable clients to build internal excellence through empowered solutions. Share our knowledge and experience by giving back to the community.

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    We invest in leadership and team development. Our team comes from enterprise commercial product backgrounds and we know that true success comes from helping out customers win.

    Meet The Team

    Jerry Hawk

    Gets bored easily. Has to be contained.

    Jessica Hawk

    Thinks accounting reports are exciting. Never loses at Clue.

    Ron Gagnon
    VP, Platform Modernization

    Chief Customer Officer - 'nuff said.

    Jim Leonardo
    VP, Modern Solutions

    Loves making the sun shine through the cloud.

    Mitch Prince
    VP, Modern Workplace + Azure Infrastructure

    The only clouds in the sky are Azure clouds.

    Jesse Sullivan
    VP, Data + Analytics

    All you really control is your attitude and your effort - work hard and be a great teammate.

    Katherine Greene
    VP, Operations + Project Management

    Data is knowledge and knowledge is power.

    Sharan Hildebrand
    SVP, Sales + Strategy, Central Region

    Solves big problems with due diligence, creativity and a splash of bourbon.

    Mark Neilson
    VP, Sales, Eastern Region

    Do the right thing and positive outcomes with follow.

    Dave Armstrong
    Director, Business Development, Eastern Region

    Jon Esmael
    Director, Customer Success

    Customer first!

    Mike Nuteson
    Director, Business Development, Central Region

    Karma is real. Always try to be helpful, even when there's nothing in it for you.

    Nathan Strack
    Solution Principal, Central Region

    Chuck Tichenor
    Solution Principal, Eastern Region

    There are no problems, only solutions.

    Doug Coen
    CTO, Application Platform

    Has been telling computers what to do since middle school.

    Brad Busch
    Director, Azure Infrastructure + Productivity

    Prasad Akula
    Director, Application Lifecycle Management

    Quality as a habit, be it testing software or making Indian food!

    Daniel Allen
    Director, UX + Application Innovation

    It’s much easier to achieve something if you can visualize yourself already achieving it.

    Katie Allen
    Director, Creative + Design

    Don't look for happiness, create it!

    Dave Bishop
    Director, Modern Solutions

    It hurts to be on the cutting edge.

    Jerry Head
    Director, Organizational Development

    Every problem is an opportunity in disguise.

    Tina Ronafalvy
    Director, Data Solutions

    Shoot for the moon, if you miss it you will still be among the stars.

    Manish Shrivastava
    Director, Data Solutions

    Loves to fly but two wheels keep him grounded.

    John Young
    Director, Data Science + Machine Learning

    Give what you value most.

    Aaron Parker
    Data Scientist

    Alex Huffaker
    UX Designer

    Andrea Page
    Senior Project Manager

    Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm Possible.

    Bob Blackburn
    Senior Data Platform Architect

    Fall down seven times, get up eight.

    Brian Aiken
    Software Engineer

    Brian Rush
    Senior Software Engineer

    Chi Zhang
    Data Solutions Engineer

    Chris Langston
    Senior Application Architect

    Dan Clark
    Senior Solutions Architect

    Dean Kroker
    Senior Solutions Architect

    Predicting future skies, one cloud at a time.

    Derek Hughes
    Data Scientist

    Don Scott
    Senior Software Engineer

    Jan Nelson
    Senior Solution Architect

    Jim Pratt
    Software Engineer

    Joe Keer
    Senior Software Engineer

    You get what you earn.

    Joe Scaravilli
    Cloud Solutions Architect

    Joe Williams
    Software Architect

    Kaitlyn Troxler
    Executive Assistant

    What's the craziest thing you've done lately?

    Kassidy Kushner
    Marketing Support Specialist

    Kindness is my M.O.

    Larry Chesnut
    SQL Guru Deluxe™

    A smart man learns from his mistakes, a wise man learns from other's mistakes.

    Mike McDonald
    Senior Data Architect

    Nick Bethel
    Facilities Manager

    Music and computers go hand in hand.

    Noah Evens
    Senior Data Architect

    Oleg Poritsky
    Senior Software Engineer

    Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.

    Olu Fadiya
    Senior Data Architect

    Orlando Gonzalez
    Senior Data Architect

    Innovation is rarely a straight path.

    Pete Thaus
    Business Intelligence Data Analyst

    Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile.

    Phil Ondrejack
    Senior UX Engineer

    If I'm not uncomfortable I'm uncomfortable.

    Robert Madello
    Senior Data Architect

    There is always room for improvement.

    Rohit Sharma
    Senior Data Architect

    There is a solution to everything in this world.

    Sergei Kolpakov
    Data Platform Architect

    Sharon Bjeletich
    Senior Data Architect

    Digital Nomad.

    Steve Rosen
    Senior Data Architect

    Live life every day and enjoy what you do.

    Will Crayger
    Data Architect

    Zach Wishnov
    Project Coordinator

    Be Excellent to Each Other

    Brand Analysis Graph
    We are Intellectual Mavericks

    Our brand archetype leans most towards the Intellectual, with strong traits of Wisdom and Intelligence. We consider ourselves to be Mavericks in our industry. Mavericks are natural influencers; they use their intuition when developing new ideas and generally have an ambitious nature. They are willing to take risks and like environments where they can explore.

    In as many places as possible, we try to creatively disrupt the status quo and create an entirely different brand experience for our customers.